After all, is Nubank’s Christmas Pix real?

Messages with an alleged Nubank Christmas campaign have been circulating on WhatsApp among users. See how to act!

Messages about an alleged Nubank Christmas Pix have been circulating among WhatsApp conversations. With the arrival of the end of the year, promotions are common among financial institutions. However, this one in question is just another scam by criminals.

Currently, Nubank does not offer any type of transfer in celebration of Christmas. See how to identify and how to protect yourself.

Scam: Nubank’s Christmas Pix

The scam involving Nubank’s Christmas Pix happens as follows: messages are sent with the link to an alleged Christmas Pix that the financial institution would be offering. The link directs the user to a page with the fintech colors and logo.

All of this is just another scam involving links to capturing victims’ personal data. When interacting with the page, cell phone information can be accessed and stolen.

The page also asks the user to share the link with contacts and friends in order to spread the message.

Nubank Christmas Pix: how to avoid it?

To begin with, Nubank has already spoken and stated that the promotion is a scam. Also, the financial institution does not contact its customers via WhatsApp.

When you come across a link linked to Nubank on WhatsApp, do not click on it and notify the sender that it is a scam.

This applies to all links sent via messenger with supposed promotions or sweepstakes, as it is a simple way to gain access to personal data.

Also, when you come across campaigns of this type, look for official channels of related companies and confirm the information. If nothing to that effect is found, most likely it is a criminal action. Finally, do not post messages that you do not know are true.

Nubank also indicates, if the customer has clicked on the link and interacted with the page, contact the bank through the service channels and explain what happened.

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