After notes from Vasco and Botafogo, Flamengo pronounces on the negotiation of TV quotas in Carioca and defends the proposed model

After the official notes of Basque and Botafogo at the end of last week, the Flamengo Finally, on Tuesday (6/12) he gave his opinion on the discussion regarding the division of TV quotas in the Carioca Championshipwhich are being negotiated by the company brax🇧🇷

In the text, the rubro-negro club cites numbers about the fans, pay-per-view distribution and even social networks to justify that it does not agree with the equal division of quotas with its rivals, as had been practiced until recently.

In addition, Flamengo said that it has given up what it considers to be the fairest in favor of an “inclusive way and with the concern to provide better financial conditions to all clubs participating in the Carioca Championship”.

Botafogo and Vasco withdrew from signing with Brax after the news that Flamengo would receive twice as much for the contract. The Federation of Rio de Janeiro scheduled for this Tuesday a meeting with all four big clubs to discuss the issue.

Check out the official statement from Flamengo:

Regarding the official notes published by two sister clubs regarding the broadcasting rights of the Carioca Championship, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, even though it defends that any financial negotiation should be treated as something particular to each association, makes its position clear in the public said question.

Flamengo, thanks to the work carried out in recent years, has made important investments in its Football Department, in order to make the team more competitive and offer a better show, not only to its millions of fans but to all football lovers. These are investments financed exclusively by the Club’s financial capacity, without any income from external investors. Therefore, it is necessary for the club to remunerate itself adequately and in line with the income potential it generates for its commercial partners.

It is public and notorious that the sports market remunerates clubs for their broadcasting rights in proportion to their commercial potential, with no reason to justify a different distribution at the state level.

For a better understanding of the values ​​​​offered to Flamengo for image rights in the Carioca Championship, here are some data that, by themselves, clarify well what is happening.

FANS – Flamengo fans, in a recently published survey, represent 21.8% of the Brazilian population. The other three big teams in Rio (Vasco, Botafogo and Fluminense) together represent 6.6%. This gives Flamengo a 76% share of the total number of fans when we put the four big clubs in Rio side by side.

PAY-PER-VIEW – Flamengo’s share has always represented 20% of the domestic market and 60% of the Rio de Janeiro market. In the last two years, in a contract signed directly by the Rio de Janeiro clubs with pay TV distributors, an even more expressive number was shown: 63% of the total for Flamengo, leaving 37% for Botafogo, Fluminense and Vasco.

SOCIAL NETWORKS – The number of Flamengo followers on their social networks now exceeds 50 million, against just over 20 million for the other three big clubs in Rio combined. That is, a participation of 70% of the total.

The percentages presented above prove the enormous revenue generation capacity for the media companies that will be negotiating with Brax, the company contracted to carry out the commercial planning of the championship. These are numbers that are being taken into account at the time of the commercial proposal to be made by Brax for the Carioca Championship.

Despite having all commercial potential percentages above 60%, Flamengo’s board, in an inclusive way and with the concern to provide better financial conditions to all clubs participating in the Carioca Championship, accepted the proposal made by Brax and will be receiving a amount corresponding to 42% of the amount designated by the company for the minimum payment to the four big clubs.

It is only worth noting that this value proposed and accepted by the Club’s board of directors will still have its acceptance subject to a final approval by the Deliberative Council of Flamengo.

The board of Flamengo is fully aware of the importance of the Club in Brazilian football. For this reason, it works so that the entire football ecosystem develops in a fair and harmonious way, supporting initiatives that strengthen all Brazilian clubs, but never failing to consider the differences and commercial potential of each association.

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