Antivirus company releases list of apps that steal data on Android phones

Users of the Android operating system should pay attention, last Monday (05), to the antivirus program Dr. Web announced a list that contains malware, adware and phishing located in the Google Play Store.

According to those responsible for the software intended for computer protection, the applications pass themselves off as an operating system optimization tool, but in reality, they are the sources of performance solutions, advertisements and degradation of the user experience.

In the report, the company denounced apps for the Android operating system, which collect personal information from users. One of the most popular is TubeBox, which has accumulated over 1 million downloads. The tool promises users cash rewards for people who watch the featured videos and ads. However, when making the payment, the application presents an error and the user is not remunerated.

Check out the full list of malicious apps located on the Google Play Store:

  • TubeBox
  • Bluetooth device auto connect (bt autoconnect group)
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi & USB driver (simple things for everyone)
  • Volume, Music Equalizer (bt autoconnect group)
  • Fast Cleaner & Cooling Master (Hippo VPN LLC)

According with the doctor. Web, the orientation is to uninstall smartphone applications as soon as possible.

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