Before Cristina’s trial, Argentina’s president orders investigation against judges, prosecutors and businessmen

They are suspected of concealing a secret trip; local press released messages from the investigated

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Argentine President Alberto Fernández ordered this Monday the opening of a criminal investigation

the president of Argentina🇧🇷 Alberto Fernandez, ordered this Monday, 5, the opening of a criminal investigation into an alleged secret trip between judges, prosecutors and media entrepreneurs. The initiative was publicized during a broadcast on a national network. The request comes a day before the vice president’s trial Cristina Kirchner, which happens this Tuesday, 6, accused of corruption when he was president between 2007 and 2015.”It hurts democracy to see the anti-republican promiscuity with which some businessmen, some judges, some prosecutors and some officials move. So far they have felt unpunished. It is time for them to begin to account for their conduct,” the president began. The judges, prosecutors and businessmen would have taken a trip to Lago Escondido, a tourist region in Patagonia🇧🇷 Last weekend, a series of messages from the supposed participants of the trip were released by the press. “It seems evident that the trip existed. And everything seems to indicate that, knowing that the event had become news, the participants were concerned about the real risk of getting involved in a series of crimes, such as the perception that [receberam] present and failed to carry out their duties as public servants,” explained Fernández.

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