‘Blonde’: Netflix releases video showing the transformation of Ana de Armas into Marilyn Monroe

THE Netflix released the impressive transformation process of Ana de Armas for the film ‘blonde🇧🇷

In the video that is in effect timelapsewe see the characterization of the actress as the diva Marilyn Monroe, and it proves the hardness that must be the hours and hours in the makeup chair.

Check out the released material below:

Remember the trailer:

Take the time to watch:

With 144 reviews accounted for, the long bitter 52% approval in the website. According to general consensus, 🇧🇷‘blonde’ It can be difficult to watch as it oscillates between commenting on exploitation and contributing to it, but Ana de Armas’ luminous performance makes looking away difficult.”

Check out some of the comments:

“Always uncomfortable and at the same time an engaging, dynamic cinema that instigates all the time and should divide opinions for what it sets out to be.” Total Film

“Andrew Dominik’s adaptation creates an iconic portrayal of the sex symbol, recreating the glitz and glamour, the film is stunningly beautiful while revealing the exploitation and fragility underneath.” Times

“Alternating between black and white and modern Technicolor, Dominik’s style is both visually playful and emotionally dark; the filmmaker denounces the dangers of stardom and expresses the magic of cinema with the other.” The Wrap

“This is a treatise on Marilyn Moroe, the sex symbol who confuses not only reality with fantasy, but also empathy with exploitation. Whether in spite of or because of it all, it’s a must see.” The Hollywood Reporter

Be sure to watch:

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