BOE prepares to launch notebook with 600Hz screen

While on PS5 and Xbox Series we are now starting to talk about 120Hz screens and their advantages, the PC is already moving towards a future with 600Hz screens, which is quite surprising.

Speaking of this exponential advancement, during the World Display Industry Conference 2022 in China, the first notebook with such a screen was spotted this week.

Manufactured by BOE, the mysterious notebook with a 16-inch screen and a refresh rate of 600Hz was already fully functional, but there are still many doubts about the other technical configurations.

The manufacturer did not reveal the type of panel used (IPS, VA or TN) in the manufacture of the device, nor its resolution. It is also not known when it will be ready to be marketed. All we have so far is an image.

The laptop with this new type of display had Nvidia’s RTX and AMD Ryzen logos, but we don’t know the exact specs of it.

At the moment, the notebooks with the highest refresh rate available in the market belong to Alieware. The X17 R2 and M17 R5 models have screens that support 480 Hz.

The big advantage of these higher refresh rates is fluidity and better player reaction times. The target audience is players of competitive titles that require fast camera movement. While this might be overkill for the average user, many professional gamers and tech enthusiasts will be happy with the new feature.

It remains to be seen when this product will hit the market and whether it will have an attractive value.

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