Brazilian startup wins “Nobel Sustainability Prize” | Business

The Brazilian project that keeps 17 billion liters of clean drinking water annually in the collection and recycling of lubricant packaging, won the “Water” category at the 23rd edition of the Energy Globe World Award. The Brazilian startup Eco Panplas won first place in the most important environmental award in the world, which recognizes companies in five categories: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. In total, more than 30,000 sustainable projects for environmental problems were entered.

The new concept for recycling lubricating oil plastic packaging to be decontaminated without using water, without generating waste and with traceability, presents results that draw attention to the socio-environmental benefits of impact on the entire production chain, society and the environment. The separation of the oil from the plastic occurs 100%, since Eco Panplas produces the recycled resin to make a new package. The oil, in the process, is also reused, sold to recycling companies.

“We are presenting to the world a new concept of recycling combined with an innovative technology and process that we have developed, consisting of patented equipment and processes. We have already been successful in an operation for lubricating oil packaging, at our production plant in Hortolândia, and it is possible to replicate it for other plastics”, explains Felipe Cardoso, CEO of Eco Panplas.

The path taken by the startup has Sebrae as a great partner. “Sebrae was very important in the face of our challenges, helping with pitches, visibility, connections with the market, customers and investors. It helped to validate the technology and contributed to our business model”, said Felipe. For every 10 million packages of lubricating oil processed, 500 tons of recycled plastic and 17,000 liters of oil are recovered. The next step is to license the technology inside and outside Brazil.

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