Cartolouco and Defante receive threat from Qatari man for kissing: ‘Disease’

Cartolouco (left) and Diogo Defante (right) recording v
photo: reproduction

Cartolouco (left) and Diogo Defante (right) recording a video together in Doha, Qatar

Digital influencers, Diogo Defante and Lucas Strabko, known as ‘Cartolouco’, were threatened by a Qatari man after they kissed in Doha, host city of the World Cup in Qatar. twitteroffended communicators in a publication this Monday (12/5) and stated that he would take “necessary measures” in the face of the act.

The episode started after a Brazilian user (@wereszk), called Matteus, mentioned the profile of the Qatari Nasser Al-Maliki in a post that showed the kiss between Defante and ‘Cartolouco’. The video had been published by the page ‘out of context brazilian🇧🇷
Firstly, Matteus mentioned Nasser Al-Maliki’s at sign (@nasserqt) in the comments of the post and added an eyes emoticon. The Arab, then, interpreted the comment as a form of provocation and offended ‘Cartolouco’ and Defante.

“These harmful germs and bacteria are found all over the world. So, don’t be surprised or bored, friend,” replied Nasser Al-Maliki.

Subsequently, Matteus asked for the arrest of Brazilian influencers for having kissed: “Arrest them until the end of the Cup so they learn to respect”.

Supporting the idea, the Qatari asked for more information about each of those involved in the act: “I appreciate your zeal, jealousy and interest, nobleman. If you know their status on Snapchat or Tik Tok, I hope you send it to me, so that we can take action necessary measures”.

Matteus responded with a link from Diogo Defante’s ‘Tik Tok’. Later, both users deleted the conversation posts. The Brazilian even deprived his account on twitter🇧🇷

Conversation between homof Qatari
photo: Playback/Twitter

Conversation between homophobic Qatari man and Brazilian user on Twitter

According to information in his biography in twitterNasser Al-Malik school director, social adviser and editor of Al-Arab Newspaper🇧🇷 He joined the social network in July 2012 and has approximately 18,000 followers.

Soon after some repercussions of the case on the part of Brazilians, fans of Diogo Defante and ‘Cartolouco’ began to respond to the publications of the Qatari influencer as a way of provoking him. Nasser Al-Malik, then, was homophobic when he said that the relationship between homosexuals is “abnormal” and should be treated as a “social, psychological and human disease”.

“It bothered me that the ‘gay without identity’ category entered my page and kept commenting and sharing. They want everyone to have the same abnormal behavior. What a social, psychological, human disease, and I ask them for guidance and cure”, published Nasser Al- Malik.

Defante and Cartoloco

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Diogo Defante is a 34-year-old comedian, known for making videos for YouTube – a platform on which he has more than 1.5 million subscribers. During the World Cup, the influencer has been working as a reporter and correspondent for ‘CazTV’, the streaming channel of communicator Casimiro Miguel.

Lucas Strabko, known as ‘Cartolouco’, is in Qatar to produce videos for his own ‘YouTube’ channel. Born in So Paulo, the 28-year-old influencer received this nickname while still working as a content creator for the ‘Cartola FC’ app, created by SporTV/Globo.

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