Cat finds alligator head in backyard and alerts owners

A black cat surprised its owners by taking an unusual object into the house. Instead of a prey or a toy, the animal found an entire head of an alligator, which was in the backyard of the property.

The episode took place on Sunday (27), in Waukesha County, Wisconsin (USA).

In an interview with FOX, Wendy Wiesehuegel, the owner of the house, confirmed that the discovery was made by the kitten Burnt Toast (“burnt toast”, in free translation), in the backyard.

According to the woman, the animal entered the residence dragging the remains of the alligator as if it were a trophy. “He was very proud of himself,” said the owner.

Wendy said that she had observed, from a distance, that Burnt Toast was playing and pulling a strange and difficult to identify object. As her home is on the edge of Lake Keesus, she believed the cat had caught a large fish.

As she approached the site, she realized that the cat had actually found the head of a dead alligator.

“I bent down and thought, ‘That’s not a fish. That’s an alligator,'” he recalled.

The images taken by Wendy show details of the reptile’s head, highlighting its intact teeth.

“I was a little excited at first because it’s a situation that rarely happens around here,” said Wendy, who later sought help from Department of Natural Resources director of conservation Tim Aspenson to verify that it was, in fact, an alligator skull.

The specialist said that a wildlife biologist would need to confirm its authenticity, but he believes it was not a decorative head, one of those highly prized by hunters. For him, the limb belonged to the corpse of a real animal, which would probably be a meter long.

In the US, most alligators inhabit the swamps of the southern states. Since the Wisconsin area doesn’t have many of them, Aspenson suspects it could have been an escaped or released pet. However, he also found no clues as to the animal’s cause of death and how the head came into Burnt Toast’s reach.

Coincidentally, Wendy Wiesehuegel remembered seeing what she thought was an alligator a few days earlier while taking a walk on the lake with her brother-in-law.

“He just laughed and I was like, ‘It’s probably not a [jacaré]’, and we ruled out that hypothesis. Now it has appeared.”

Even so, Wendy sees the discovery as a warning sign, as the possible presence of reptiles in Lake Keesus could threaten the safety of bathers and local residents, especially in summer. For her, this will not be the first or the last appearance of these reptiles in the region.

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