“Changes that are inevitable”; BAP does not shut up and sends real to the Nation about SAF in Flamengo


The director of Rubro-Negro Carioca commented on what the team thinks about this matter

Photo: Disclosure / Flamengo - BAP sends the real on SAF
Photo: Disclosure / Flamengo – BAP sends the real on SAF

One of the main subjects in relation to Brazilian football in the last year and that has been reverberating is about the SAF’s. Several Brazilian clubs have joined the new model and more teams are following this line and should join the group.

Thinking about it, the Flamengo want to understand about this new change in Brazilian football. In an exclusive interview for GE, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Rubro-Negro CariocaLuiz Eduardo Baptista, commented on the Club’s idea of ​​knowing more about the subject.

“Despite the health of our numbers, it is important that we are able to understand the movements of football and contextualize how Flamengo will position itself in this world due to these changes that are inevitable and will occur in the coming years”reported BAP.

To GE, the manager also reinforced that the subject should dictate Brazilian football in the coming years. “Flamengo intends to understand the context that is happening in the world of football with the creation of companies, which in Brazil have been better known as SAF’s”🇧🇷

“It won’t be the first lecture, we did one talking about the economic and financial condition of the other clubs with Fernando Ferreira, from Pluri. He spoke as a warning of the importance that the SAF’s can have in world football, especially in Brazil in the next 10 years, and Flamengo cannot be oblivious to this”concluded Luiz Eduardo Baptista.

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