“Computer of the end of the world” with Raspberry Pi allows sending messages without internet

Manufacturer Bobricius announced a “end of the world computer” equipped with the Raspberry Pi Pico that allows sending messages even without an internet connection. The device has a keyboard with 30 separate keys and support for wireless communication LoRa (long range, or long range) via radio.

Called Armachat Touch Picocomputer, it is another computer within the “Doomsday Computers” line (computers of the end of the world, in free translation) created by Bobricius using models of the Raspberry Pi. The device in question uses the Raspberry Pi Pico chip and also has a backlit keyboard for typing texts and bright green LEDs.


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Using only the Raspberry Pi Pico, the Armachat Touch Picocomputer runs a complete operating system with the help of CircuitPython. The device is also equipped with a 1.96-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 280×240 pixels.

Armachat Touch Picocomputer.  Image: Disclosure
Armachat Touch Picocomputer. Image: Disclosure

Radio communication for sending messages without internet

One of the highlights of the “end of the world computer” with Raspberry Pi by Bobricius is the use of the LoRa wireless communication protocol, which allows sending messages to machines that are also compatible with the technology. The LoRa standard allows transmission of datasets over great distances with minimal power usage.

The video below shows the computer working and sending a message to another machine:

The Armachat Touch Picocomputer is, at the end of the day, more of an experimental device than one aimed at the general public. The device’s components are for sale on Tindie – a prototype costs US$ 15 (about R$ 80).

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