Corinthians gives up hiring an assistant who went to the barracks

One day after announcing Rodrigo Santana as an assistant to the new coaching staff, Corinthians went back and will no longer hire him. O UOL Sport revealed today (6) that he has a history of spreading fake news on social networks and published a photo in an act of coup-like content after the presidential election that elected Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Yesterday (5) Corinthians had stated in an official note that “it would not comment on matters of a personal nature of its collaborators, which includes political opinions”, but the climate changed in the face of internal pressure and negative repercussions.

Santana even traveled to São Paulo this afternoon to meet and close with Corinthians, which did not happen. He had been officially announced, but without signing the contract. In this way, there is no rescission, only withdrawal due to hiring.

Without Rodrigo Santana, Corinthians must return to the ball market to fill the last vacancy of Fernando Lázaro’s assistant. The club has already announced assistants Thiago Larghi and Alex Meschini and physical trainer Flávio de Oliveira.

understand the case

On November 2, three days after the presidential election, Rodrigo Santana shared a selfie on social media at a demonstration in front of a barracks (see image below). The act was formed by supporters of the current president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who lost the election, and had posters and chants that called for “military intervention” for an alleged and never proven “electoral fraud”.

The act in which Rodrigo Santana was present was organized in front of the Command Company of the 4th Military Region, located at Av. Raja Gabaglia, in Belo Horizonte.

The new Corinthians assistant has also spent the last few weeks sharing fake news on social media. In a standard message, Instagram warns that Rodrigo Santana’s account “repeatedly posted false information that was reviewed by independent fact checkers or that was against community guidelines”.

Questioned, Rodrigo Santana says “to see politics as something very personal” and did not want to comment in detail on his presence at the act that defended disrespecting the result of the elections.

Technical assistant Rodrigo Santana, hired by Corinthians, spreads false news on his social networks - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram
Image: Playback/Instagram

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