Daniel Alves pretends to put gold in meat after controversy

Full-back Daniel Alves, reserve for the Brazilian national team in the World Cup, mocked the controversies surrounding a dinner served to some players from the team coached by Tite.

In a video posted on Instagram, the 39-year-old pretended to put gold on some pieces of meat in the squad’s concentration.

Using an emoji to “replace” salt with gold, Dani Alves imitated chef Salt Bae, owner of the network that received athletes in recent days, and joked.

“Wow,” he said toward the camera. The athlete even marked the official profile of striker Richarlison in the story.

Meat of gold (and much controversy)

Players from the national teams that are playing in the tournament took advantage of their days off to visit the famous Nusr-Et steakhouse, owned by chef Salt Bae, who became known on the internet in 2017 for his performance when serving dishes at the restaurant.

The Turk makes a gesture with his hand as if he is throwing salt on the piece of meat with disdain – hence, the nickname “boyfriend of salt”, in free translation.

Bremer, defender of the Brazilian team, went to the restaurant and posted a video on his Instagram of the Turkish chef cutting the gold-plated meat at his table.

Depending on the cut, the meat can cost up to BRL 9,000 at the Salt Bae chain. In addition to Bremer, Ronaldo Fenômeno and Gabriel Jesus had dinner together and chose the same fate as the defender – they published the moment on social networks.

As soon as the price of the protein went viral, some people protested against the “ostentation” of both the former athlete and the current representatives of Brazil in the Cup.

Ronaldo countered the controversy in a recent interview with “Podpah”. “People are very lost. Today you don’t see people discussing football, it’s just opinion, shitting the rule, and hate speech is constant. If you ate the gold-plated meat, that’s the guy’s problem. […] There’s nothing wrong, it can even be inspiring to other people. There are things that we are better off completely ignoring,” she said.

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