Death Stranding 2 on the way? Kojima posts mysterious new teaser

Nobody knows exactly what Hideo Kojima is up to, but that’s part of the fun. the creator of metal gear solid and Death Stranding released a mysterious new teaser for one of its upcoming games, this time showing three distinct symbols.

The image, published on his official Twitter profile, this Friday (2), shows only a black background with the three symbols. The first refers to something called Automated Public Assistance Company (or Automated Public Assistance Company, in free translation). The second had already been shown previously, in the teaser that revealed the participation of actress Elle Fanning. The third features a creature full of tentacles, with what look like spears stuck in it.

The symbols appear to all be corporate logos, but for now Kojima remains silent on what they really mean, only posting the caption: “Start a new journey”. But, apparently, it shouldn’t take long for us to find out more about the enigmatic project.

This is because the post had a response from the official profile of The Game Awards, suggesting that the game will finally be presented to the public during the event, which takes place next Thursday, on December 8, 2022, at 9:30 pm (GMT). Brasilia).

One of the safest bets is that the newly revealed teasers are all related to Death Stranding 2, rumored to have been in development for some time. The actor who plays the protagonist of the first game himself said that the title is already in production.

Another possibility is that it is overdosehorror title from Kojima Productions that possibly had a video leaked recently.

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