Defante leaves Richarlison embarrassed after unusual question: ‘No travel’

Reporter for ‘Cazé TV’, which broadcasts some of the World Cup matches, Diogo Defante drew attention with an unusual question to Richarlison after the Brazil game. After the question with pun, the forward of the Selection replied with a smile and left the place.

– Brabo, a pinzinho (pendant) from Cazé for you, it’s good luck. Another thing, all of Brazil knows the pigeon. And the dove, can you show it to me? – Asked Defante.

– I don’t travel – Richarlison replied with an embarrassed smile, before leaving the mixed zone.

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– I lost the line, I lost the line – Defante joked, which caused astonishment in the transmission, which in addition to Casimiro, had the narrator Luis Felipe Freitas, and the commentators Guilherme Beltrão and Juninho Pernambucano.

Defante has been grabbing the spotlight in Qatar with irreverent coverage of the World Cup. The reporter has already danced with the local people, petted a lion, fought with a man dressed as a kangaroo and asked the national team players for a little dance in goal celebrations.

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Richarlison scored the third goal for the Brazilian national team against South Korea, this Monday. Neymar, Lucas Paquetá and Vinicius Junior completed the score, which also had a goal from the Koreans. In the quarterfinals, next Friday, Brazil faces Croatia, at 12h.

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