Deputy attorney complains PGR driver service: ‘I took Uber’

The Deputy Attorney General of the Republic Elizete Ramos took advantage of the session of the CSMPF (Superior Council of the Federal Public Ministry) to complain about the driver service offered by the PGR (Attorney General of the Republic). The PRG, Augusto Aras, was present at the session.

Elizete began her speech by mentioning that the PGR services are “working relatively well”, but she has problems with transport.

“The transport at the attorney’s office is not working. The first time I lost my driver because of vacation, which gave him three months of vacation straight and such. I don’t know, I don’t quite understand how the administration gives three months on vacation for a driver and it doesn’t reverse that”, he began, reporting that he no longer has the official driver.

Next, the sub-prosecutor said that she had to ask for an Uber even after having scheduled a PGR driver to pick her up at 8:30 am this Tuesday.

I know that each prosecutor, each sub-prosecutor today no longer has a driver, so, we ask in advance, the driver comes. Yesterday, I scheduled for turn me pick up at 8:30 am at home. What happens? 8:30 am and nothing. I called the transport service, then I was informed that they were trying to call me, I don’t know what phone number, because the only phone I have today is my cell phone, [para avisar] that had no driver and the only driver there is is already on the street. Then I got mad. ‘Then I’ll call you when the driver arrives.’ Immediately I order an Uber. Deputy Attorney General of the Republic Elizabeth branches

The sub-attorney continued saying that they can take Uber “thank God and luckily”, praised Aras’ management in relation to earnings, however, continued with the transportation complaint.

“Are we going to take the transport like this? Every time I ask for a driver, it’s going to be a painful question whether he’s going or not? Am I going to have to call here? Am I going to have to take the Uber? How will that be? ? In any case, this service is not working and as your Excellency likes everything said and there is no way to hide it, it is said that it is not working. So I ask you to take some action”, he concluded Elizabeth.

After the speech, a counselor announced that she had made a memorandum asking for the situation to be improved and why the episode happened. She also reported that other colleagues had the same problem when traveling to sessions at the STJ (Superior Court of Justice).

Subsequently, the Attorney General of the Republic commented that the issue is not “a simple matter” since some members of the PRG have official cars and drivers at their disposal for security reasons. “It’s not about taking Uber or not taking Uber,” he added, saying he regretted the episode reported by the sub-prosecutor.

“Our body of drivers is aging, many retirees in the last three years. We have drivers who are already at an advanced age and without health conditions”, he said. Aras also commented that he will suggest the possibility of opening a tender for servant drivers in the future, since in 2020 a request to open the hiring notice for this group was denied.

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