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O PicPay is one of the largest fintechs in Brazil. Its growth has been increasing and, according to experts, it can be considered the other digital banks in the country. The agency offers several benefits to its users, such as three different ways to earn money.

In this way, check out how to make income with the PicPay🇧🇷

How to make money with PicPay

Earning extra money is always great and with PicPay, the user only needs to download the application, which is completely free, and start earning. Here’s how to receive it through the app:

invite friends

The app rewards users for referring new customers. For each referral that opens an account, you will earn 10 reais. However, there is a referral limit of 55 friends, which means you can earn up to BRL 550.00.

save money

With market return, for those who keep their money in their digital wallet PicPay, there is an income equal to 105% of the CDI and is valid for amounts of up to R$ 100,000. The balance has guaranteed security, in the form of federal public bonds, just deposit and start earning.


The third way to earn extra value with the app is to take advantage of the cashback promotions it offers. O cashback it works in many ways, from paying receipts, to purchasing in exclusive stores, as well as paying in partner physical stores.

The company usually notifies customers of any new promotions, and in some cases, they can even get 30% back. Depending on the profile, you can receive different promotions that encourage the use of the app, such as: paying friends or bills and receiving partial refunds. Some of the company’s best-known options are typically:

  • Return of 5% to 20% on installment payment;
  • 5% to 15% cashback when paying friends;
  • 5% to 10% on bill payments with credit card🇧🇷

How much does R$ 1,000 earn in the digital wallet?

It is important to point out that, when placing the amount of BRL 1,000 in the digital wallet of the PicPay, after a month, the customer will have a more or less profitable balance, around R$ 3.12. That is, in one year, the value will be redeemed at approximately R$ 32.90. Therefore, remember that PicPay generates 105% of the CDI.

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