Eliana takes off her bra and posts a photo with free breasts on the internet: “SBT doesn’t show that”

What woman! Eliana, presenter and digital influencer, impressed fans with all her good form this Monday afternoon (05). The muse shared a click where she appears shirtless.

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“Thank you so much for the affection and audience! How beautiful it was to count on you one more Sunday. A blessed week ”, he wrote in the caption of the publication. Already in the photo, Eliana appears enjoying a beautiful pool in the Maldives, while doing a topless that left fans in love on Instagram.

“This is what being a cat saw,” joked a fan in the comments field. “Thumbs where are they? They are in the Maldives”, said another. “Eliana looks younger than me, what is this????”, pointed out a third.

Eliana talks about how she feels at age 50

During an interview given to Vogue magazine, Eliana impressed fans by commenting on how she deals with her 50 years, which she completed last November.

“No, age does not define me, because I have many women inside me, I am a complex human being. And none of these ‘versions’ of mine are associated with my age. Growing up brought me the freedom and security to be all the women I can be”, said Eliana.

“At the moment, it is this feeling of freedom and lightness that defines me. And I try to fight it, but I’m still limited by my insecurities. I think we all go through this, to some extent,” she concluded.


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