Emily Ratajkowski Answers Whether or Not She’s Dating Brad Pitt

Emily Ratajkowski has been on everyone’s lips because of the rumor that she is secretly seeing the Hollywood heartthrob, brad pitt🇧🇷 And apparently the 31-year-old model finally answered the question everyone wanted to know if she and the 58-year-old star are really a couple.

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People magazine recently confirmed that the two are leaving, but not exclusively, as the model is in the midst of divorce proceedings from the father of her child after being betrayed by him, and Pitt, as everyone knows, is involved in a real controversy with his ex, Angelina Jolie.

While none of the celebrities have commented on the rumors directly, Emily did drop a hint about her relationship status during a recent interview. to “Variety” magazine, and based on what she said, she seems to answer a lot of questions.

Emily opened up about being ‘newly single for the first time’ in her life:

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“I feel like I’m enjoying the freedom of not being super concerned about how I’m being perceived,” she said in references to the rumours, without elaborating further.

The model filed for divorce from her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in early September. They split in July after getting married in early 2018.


There are many rumors currently circulating about the alleged courtship of brad pitt and the newly separated Emily Ratajkowskiand according to sources of the magazine “People”, the actor of 58 a and the model of 31 have been going out together, although apparently the relationship is still not exclusive.

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Neither Brad nor Emily have touched on the subject yet, but some sources have recently spoken out, according to the publication.

About the rumored romance between the two, a person close told People: “They are spending a lot of time together. Friends aren’t sure it’s serious, and they don’t seem to be formally ‘dating’.”

Another source told “Entertainment Tonight”: “Brad and Emily have spent time together, but it’s very casual. They are friends. Emily recently filed for divorce and Brad is still going through his situation with Angelina [Jolie]so neither are looking for anything serious right now.”

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And according to Star magazine, a photo of the two together is already worth a few thousand dollars in the tabloid market.


Emily Ratajkowski did not remain silent when seeing the treatment that the press has given to Adam Levineafter the singer was exposed in inappropriate conversations with several girls, on Instagram, while his wife, model Behati Prinsloo is pregnant with the couple’s third child.

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Emily, who recently filed for divorce after cheating on her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, apparently addressed the Levine scandal in a video on TikTok, though without mentioning the Maroon 5 musician by name.

“I don’t understand why we continue to blame women for men’s mistakes, especially when you’re talking about 20-something women dealing with men in positions of power who are twice their age,” said Ratajkowski, 31.

“The power dynamic is so skewed, it’s ridiculous. It’s predatory. It’s manipulative. If you’re the only one in a relationship, you’re the one obligated to be loyal.”

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The model commented that the idea of ​​blaming “the other woman” is “designed to keep women apart”.

“I think a big problem in our culture right now is that we just say, ‘Oh, men are monsters, they’re terrible, they’re horrible’… We don’t hold them accountable and then we blame other women. We ask women to adjust their behavior instead of just saying that men need to change their behavior. It’s machismo. It’s classic misogyny.”

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