Fabio Rabin is detained in Qatar and reports threat by armed men

Comedian Fábio Rabin was detained in Qatar this afternoon (05) while on his way to the 974 stadium to watch the Brazilian national team’s match against South Korea, in the round of 16 of the World Cup.

Rabin was detained in a tent where police take drunk fans on the outskirts of the stadium. Consuming alcohol is illegal in Qatar, except in certain licensed establishments. Upon being released, Rabin was located by the report of the UOL Sport talking to police. He cried a lot, presented somewhat incoherent speech and asked for help. The comedian said that while he was with the police, he suffered threats from armed men and feared for his life.

“I thought I would never see my daughter again,” he repeated, crying. “I swear I’m not doing this out of commitment. I really thought I was going to die and I was only saved because I did a live.” The news that Rabin had been arrested was communicated to his followers in a live on Instagram, in which the comedian appears in detention. The image cuts to a halt after a police officer notices the transmission’s existence.

Later, the artist admitted to drinking beer and whiskey. Still according to the comedian, there were drunken people around him, but only he was arrested. The report spoke with people who accompanied Rabin at the time of the approach and learned that he was drunk and could barely walk.

According to Rabin, while he was detained, police officers told him to smile and tried to intimidate him by making references to the Koran. Rabin is Jewish and said he felt in danger from the Arab police. The report was with the comedian for a few hours after he was released.

I’m glad I’m not dead. I swear to God. I was locked in a room. I was locked in a room with these guys. I turned on a live there and I think if I hadn’t turned on the live I’d be dead at this time, me and a guy. There’s a nigga that’s inside that shit. And I almost died because I tried to help the guy too. At one point they released me. I sent ‘this guy is with me too’. I almost lost my life trying to help the guy. Sorry for the despair too”

The comedian explained that he turned on the live because he feared for his life and thought he would not see his daughter Beatriz again.

“The guys were like, ‘Hey, are you sober?’ We’re here, in the middle of the ride. The guys put me in a room and said: ‘Go on, smile’. And I’m Jewish, you know? I was smiling and I was very afraid of losing my life. I I swear I’m not sensationalist. I want this shit to be fucked. No. I’m going to delete my network. I’m not sensationalist. I was just scared of losing my life. I want to see mine daughter. That’s all. I just want to see my little girl with me. This country of shit, of shit. I’m not fine. If it wasn’t for my live I would be dead “, completed the Brazilian.

According to police, the black man named by Rabin was detained for illegally selling tickets near the stadium. Police officers said they had videos that prove the illegality.

Fábio Rabin also said that he intends to denounce the episode and that he will contact the Brazilian embassy. After posting a video on his Instagram profile reporting the case, the comedian removed the post, at the request of his wife and friends.

Qatar has a strict policy against alcohol consumption and has not waived it, despite requests from FIFA for the drink to be allowed during the world cup. In Doha, visitors and residents can consume alcohol in specific places such as hotels and restaurants. During the Cup, Brazilian fans have gathered in “heating” before the games, in which the consumption of alcohol is also permitted.

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