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This Sunday (04), at 14:00, at Big CineRecord TV shows the film Goosebumps: Monsters and Goosebumps!


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Original title: goosebumps

Cast:Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Amy Ryan, Ryan Lee, Odeya Rush and Jillian Bell.

Genre: Adventure

Distributor: sony pictures


Young Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) moves from New York to a small town in the United States, where his mother is transferred. There, they move in next door to Hannah (Odeya Rush) – with whom the teenager falls in love – and her father, the grouchy RL Stine (Jack Black). After hearing screams coming from the property next door, Zach invades the residence with the help of his fearful colleague (Ryan Lee) and ends up accidentally opening one of the books and, consequently, starting the release of all the monsters created by Stine. Together they will have to send the creatures back to the shelves.

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