Find out why Vasco and 777 Partners chose to hire Maurício Barbieri

Details separate one agreement between Vasco and Maurício Barbieri🇧🇷 Negotiations between the parties are already well advanced and should be made official soon. Despite the definition of the name, many fans did not agree with the choice.

In contact with THROW!, a club professional revealed the reasons that led to Barbieri being quoted in the position. To begin with, the coach’s last two years were a prime factor in his choice.

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Like Vasco, RB Bragantino is also a corporate club. The coach’s adaptation in the last two seasons in the São Paulo team and all the work done is seen with very good eyes by 777 Partners.

Another reason that weighed favorably for hiring the coach is the mentality. At just 41 years old, Barbieri has shown in recent years that he is aware of changes and news in football.

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The technician’s retrospect this year is a negative factor. However, the Basque leaders believe that, with a long-lasting job again, he can present interesting performances and results at Cruz-Maltino.

For an SAF start, Barbieri is touted as an ideal name. Vasco’s expectation is to settle quickly with the coach and start all the planning for the next season.

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