Google TV receives Material You and gains new design and rounded icons

The Google TV Android app hasn’t received an update or a redesign in two years. But now Google is updating the app with Material You, which has brought news to streaming.

The first notable change is the bottom navigation bar, which is higher and has pill-shaped “Home”, “Shop”, “Library” and “Shoplist” tabs🇧🇷 At the top, the search bar takes up most of the width, along with the shortcut that allows account switching and the cast icon for other compatible devices.

In other tabs of the app there are not many changes. The filter buttons at the top haven’t moved, but are now shaped like rounded rectangles.

Overall, there have been no changes to how the app works. Just a slightly lighter shade of gray for the background. Speaking of colors, the Google TV app still doesn’t work with Google’s dynamic themes and uses an off-white tone for several elements, regardless of the wallpaper color. This is something that should be worked on in future updates, as it has been criticized by users.

Tweaks are also available for the tablet version of the app, which has navigation tabs on the left for a clean look. From the search bar to the virtual remote shortcut, everything else is in one familiar place, similar to what you get in the smartphone app.

However, it’s worth noting that the changes are coming to the Google TV app via a server-side update, which means you might have to wait a little longer to get to grips with the new layout. In some cases, the design update appeared automatically.

Last week, Google announced that its TV app will have a new universal casting feature to a TV connected directly to the app. A slightly improved virtual remote design was also shown off, but none of these features appeared with the app design update.

And you, do you usually use Google TV? Did you like the changes in the design of the app? Leave your comment below!

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