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Zilda and Deni Almeida da Conceição

The inviter is Nilce Chieppe Moura, always dedicated to social work. On Wednesday (7), from 8 am to 5 pm, the Solidarity Hands Bazaar will be held, which takes place annually. The meeting will be at the Chieppe Family condominium, in Enseada do Suá.

Rede Vitória, always at the forefront, will be one of the companies that will receive the Pride Capixaba Empresarial trophy during the Capixaba Meeting, which takes place today. The initiative is by Lucas Fonseca and aims to highlight and connect capixaba leaders, in addition to inspiring talent.

A detail that few people know: Lewandowski’s wife, one of the three best soccer players in the world, the other two are Messi and Neymar, is a black belt in karate.

The view from the terrace of the Reserva Vitória complex, right there between Curva da Jurema and our Shopping Vitória, is simply spectacular. The overall development is of the highest order.

This is from dermatologist Oliete Guerra for the female group to age with quality of life: “Keep your skin clean, dry and hydrated, avoid hot and long baths, avoid soaping yourself too much and using sponges”.

In a Christmas mood, chefs Genilson Pereira and Adenailton Xavier will be together in a Buaiz Alimentos live, to teach how to prepare panettone and chocotone. This will happen on the 13th, starting at 5 pm, via Buaiz Alimentos’ Instagram.

On Saturday (3), friends who had a birthday this year, and who, due to force majeure, could not celebrate, had a party together at the Ferrari event house. Among them, Alice Wanderley, Fatima Mazzei, Jussara Martins, Neuza Andrade and Iara Trindade.

On the other hand, my friend, the fashion queen Martha Paiva, will receive on Thursday (8), from 11 am, the launch of her Maria Dolores Summer Collection. Also at this meeting, the Solidarity Tree: participate by donating non-perishable food, clothes, toys and disposable diapers size G.

The Portuguese always use the term “beyond the sea” referring to other countries like Brazil. Today, Brazilians are using the same term with emphasis. Many people leave our country to live in Portugal.

Casa Cor, one of the most important events in Espírito Santo, closes its doors on the 18th. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s time to get to know it in detail. An unmissable visit!

Tomorrow’s birthday is Alzira Torres, a very dear figure in our social world. Around that she will receive a group of friends to celebrate. The meeting will be at Comfort Suites Vitória, her husband Lamir’s hotel.

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