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Preventing screenshots on WhatsApp is an excellent way to enforce privacy on the app. Single view media doesn’t allow another person to capture the screen, so if you don’t want them to share your photos or videos on WhatsApp, the solution is to use the feature.

In addition to blocking screen capture attempts, expiring media do not allow the image to be downloaded from the gallery.

What are single view messages on WhatsApp

This function in WhatsApp allows you to send photos or videos that can only be viewed once by the recipients. After exiting the preview, the file is deleted. The feature is similar to what exists in Direct on Instagram, DMs on Snapchat and self-destructing media on Telegram.

When the function was implemented, it was still possible to take a screenshot. The app was later updated and displays a warning about blocking capture in these situations. On the iPhone, WhatsApp says that “Screenshot has been blocked for more privacy”.

It is important to differentiate single view messages from temporary WhatsApp messages. The second option is used to exchange messages (text or media) that expire after a period determined by the user, but still allows screenshots.

How to prevent screenshots on WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp and send any video or photo. You can select them by the clip icon or take a picture with the camera icon;
  2. Enter a caption if necessary. Before sending, touch the icon with the number 1 to activate the single view mode;
  3. Send the message. Every attempt to print the screen will be blocked by the application.

On WhatsApp Web, the messenger displays a notification about the message and warns that the content can only be viewed on mobile phones to avoid screenshots.

Despite the block, WhatsApp does not inform the user that someone else tried to take the screenshot.

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