“I await Manifestation…”; Adnet becomes the center of controversy over speeches at the Central da Copa and people from Palmeiras do not remain silent on the web

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Marcelo Adnet’s attitude at the Central da Copa this Sunday (4) revolted Verdão fans on social networks

Photo: Reproduction TV/Globo- Marcelo Adnet
Photo: Reproduction TV/Globo- Marcelo Adnet

Palmeiras beat Juventus, from Italy on June 18, 1951 and was considered the first Club World Champion. However, rivals and a good part of the media do not recognize Palmeira’s feat, although FIFA, football’s highest entity, has already recognized that Verdão has actually won the most coveted tournament by all Clubs in the world.

Before, Palmeirense got irritated when rivals sang in the stadium: “Palmeiras doesn’t have a world cup”. Today, the fans understand that they are the envy of opponents who haven’t won titles for a long time. However, Alviverde fanatics do not admit when journalists make fun of the heroic achievement of Palestra in 1951. And who did that this Sunday (4) was the reporter Marcelo Adnet who sent a Globo reporter to count with his fingers how many World Cups Verdão had won. The incident took place on the Central da Copa program.

It didn’t take long for the people of Palmeiras to express themselves about the journalist’s joke with the club that is the current Brazilian champion.🇧🇷 Many Verdão fanatics asked Globo to fire Marcelo Adnet, while others want Leila Pereira and Anderson Barros to make a note of repudiation and publish it on social networks.

“Globo put a series of people with no identity with football to make a program about the Cup, including comedians. On the first, only and last day that I watch Central da Copa, I see Adnet trying to make a joke about the Palmeiras World Cup. and zero quality, said a fan. Another fanatic from Palmeiras reported that he lost all the admiration he had for the professional. “Unfortunate Adnet’s little joke belittling Palmeiras, it lost our concept a lot, Palmeiras deserves a lot of respect at the very least, its boring joke is without originality, it was very bad”, he vented.

Another member of the crowd asked President Leila Pereira, along with Anderson Barros, to take action on this “joke” and come out publicly to demonstrate against the journalist and also with the broadcaster. “Palmeiras, I await a demonstration against Adnet and its unfunny jokes about the SEP”, charged the fan on his social networks.

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