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Only months are what separate fans from the long-awaited debut of The Marvelsand according to a new rumor, the sequel to captain marvel will culminate in direct events of avengers 5 and 6🇧🇷

The continuation led by brie larson currently follows without many details revealed, although it is clear that people will again see Carol Danvers in a space adventure, but this time, with the help of special allies, one of them being an essential key piece for the future of marvel studios🇧🇷 Or more precisely, Ms. Marvel🇧🇷

Kamala Khan’s powers are still a mystery to the heroine herself, and her characteristics go far beyond mere mutant genes, because according to the channel Heavy Spoilersthe bracelets of the figure interpreted by Iman Vellaniwill be able to “pull things from other dimensions”, as “characters or resources”and that such skills will lead the characters from The Marvels The “bigger things”🇧🇷

This must somehow connect the film with the 5th and 6th feature of the Avengersin addition to opening possibilities for the arrival of Fantastic Four in the current reality, since the team has already been defined by other sources as a “time out of time” being able to bring them from the past. It could also bring characters like Spider manin Tobey Maguire and Wolverinein Hugh Jackmanfrom other realities, to secret warsjust as a recent rumor has reported.

Important details about The Marvels

The second feature film captain marvel will bring back the Oscar winner, brie larsonto the lead role, while the cast will still feature Iman Vellani in the role of Ms. Marvel🇧🇷 Teyonah Parris reprising her role as Monica Rambeau, Samuel L. Jackson returning as Nick Fury and among other artists.

With direction of Nia DaCostathe movie The Marvels premiere scheduled for July 27, 2023, while the next features of the Avengers follow with launches scheduled for 2025 and 2026, respectively.

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