Juca exalts Vini Jr. and Richarlison: Deeply Generous

With a show by Vini Jr, Richarlison and company, Brazil ran over South Korea by 4-1 and will face Croatia in the quarterfinals of the Qatar Cup.

At the Ball possessiontransmitted by UOL Sport daily at 6 pm during the World Cup, Juca Kfouri elected Vinicius Jr. as Brazil’s most important player in the World Cup and also praised Richarlison. He highlighted that, in addition to talent, the duo share a quality on the field: generosity.

“Vini Jr. is today the most important player in the national team, although Richarlison is the nicest. And their great quality is Neymar’s biggest flaw, the two play for the team, looking for the best placed teammate, and they are permanent victims of Neymar, who sees them better placed and doesn’t hand over the ball.”

“Casemiro is not even mentioned, he is a collective player by definition, but it is his main function in the midfield, a striker who normally has this dose of hunger. Neymar has it exaggeratedly, while Vini and Richarlison are profoundly generous, that’s what matters most. I like them, as well as their talent”, praised Juca.

Mauro: Korea wanted to play as equals and it didn’t work

In the opinion of Mauro Cezar Pereira, the Brazilian defeat was facilitated by Korea, who made a mistake in the strategy and gave a lot of space to the fast Brazilian attackers.

“You can’t ignore the ease provided by Paulo Bento, the Portuguese coach, a totally inadequate strategy for a weak team like his. The ‘handsome’ arrived there and ‘let’s face Brazil’. The game in progress, the 10 players from Korea’s line on Brazil’s field. You can’t play against Brazil like that.”

Trajano: Brazil has a good path; Croatia is horrible

José Trajano praised the team’s performance in the clash against Korea and said that the path towards the sixth is easy until then. After eliminating the Koreans, Brazil now faces Croatia for a spot in the semifinals.

“Brazil has a good path, it has already gone through Korea and Croatia is horrible. It will be a more complicated game in theory, it is a stronger team, it has tradition in football, it is runner-up in the world, it loves to take the game to the penalty shootout, but they don’t have the team to face Brazil.”

Arnaldo: Brazil has a firm starting lineup and should no longer change

Arnaldo Ribeiro said that the selection has its 11 holders for the Cup defined. For him, Tite has already done the necessary tests and should not touch the team from now on.

“Brazil has a firm starting line-up model, which was the one in the match against Serbia. It’s Casemiro and Lucas Paquetá, Neymar’s return, Raphinha, even if not brilliant, Richarlison and Vinicius Junior. In the four games we didn’t have a substitute asking for a pass . Martinelli against Cameroon had some flashes, but his competition is with Vinicius Júnior.”

Case on Neymar in almost the entire game: ‘Unnecessary’

Recovering from an ankle injury, Neymar was only replaced at the end of the game and was named man of the match in the national team’s rout. Casagrande stated that keeping the number 10 until the end was unnecessary, but recalled that a player never likes to be substituted.

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