Kroma’s billionaire solar energy project will generate 750 jobs for people from Ceará in Jaguaruana – Samuel Quintela

The municipality of Jaguaruana will receive a new investment, at the level of R$ 2 billion, for the installation of a new park of solar power generation🇧🇷 The project of Kroma Energia, which should generate around 1,500 jobs, will have at least half of the vacancies filled by people from Ceará. The guarantee was given by Rodrigo Mellofounding partner of the company.

With planning starting in the first half of 2023, Kroma’s new solar park in Ceará should be built in phases, with work starting in the second half of 2023. The forecast for completion of the first stage, which should deliver 250 megawatts (MW) of power, will be completed in January 2025. With the remainder of the 500 MW being released between 2026 and 2027.

“It is a project that we should start work on in the second half of next year and it is a project that is expected to be completed, because it is huge, for January 2025 and we have the financing approved. This first half of 2023 will be planning. Everything has already started, but we are planning to start in the second half”, said Mello.

Kroma’s founding partner also explained that the company will work with financing from Banco do Nordeste, investing part of the R$ 2 billion through equity.

“We will have financing with a part by Banco do Nordeste and the other will be by equity (shareholders’ equity),” he said.

jobs and qualification

Regarding the creation of jobs in the project in Jaguaruana, Mello stated that the first stages should bring good numbers to the region’s market, generating a greater number of vacancies. He also reinforced that the project could be important to raise the average wage in the municipality due to the level of qualification required by existing positions in the solar park.

In all, of the 1,500 job openings generated, 750 should be filled by people from Ceará, according to Rodrigo.

“A solar project has phases with very high employability and moves the city a lot. And after the project is ready, the legacy is great because we leave qualified professionals with a salary level generally higher than the average, and that raises the bar, like it was in Quixeré and I think it will be similar in Jaguaruana”, he said.

We already have a lot of people trained. Employability in this first phase is very high and preference is given to local labor. We expect to have 1,500 people and half of that should be local labor”.

In addition to vacancies with energy generation projects, Kroma is already studying opening an administrative office in Fortaleza in the coming years. However, there is still no forecast for the investment or size of the operation.

“We are thinking of opening an office in Fortaleza. We are headquartered in Recife, but we are studying opening a unit here”, he guaranteed.

Kroma solar project in Quixeré


New investments

Rodrigo Mello also confirmed that Kroma is considering making an investment for a new solar park in Quixeré, serving as a “natural continuation” for the project that will start in Jaguaruana in 2023.

The projection, still without a date, is based on the scenario of the evolution of the renewable energy market in the world and the increase in demand in the sector in the coming years, driven by the development of large markets, such as Europe.

Projects in Ceará should not, however, serve other countries, but focus on the Brazilian free market. However, increased demand for green hydrogen in other countries could boost investments in renewable energy.

“We believe that renewable energy is the future, there is no going back and it is in line with what is happening in the world. Europe is suffering a shock in the matrix due to gas and everything is moving towards renewable energy”, said

“We have a project in Quixeré that would be the natural continuation of the one in Jaguaruana, but we don’t have a forecast yet because we have to work a little more on it”, he added.


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