Liga Forte Futebol advances in negotiations with investors and wants a meeting with the president of the CBF

Clubs that make up the Forte Futebol group issued an official note bringing important updates regarding the progress in the creation of a new league

THE Strong Football Leaguegroup consisting of 25 Brazilian football clubstook a stand through social networks regarding advances in investor acquisition to take the competition out of paper.

The organization even announced that asked the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) to meet with President Ednaldo Rodrigues to deal with issues related to this possible new national league.

In a statement, Forte Futebol informs that, through the XP Investimentosa company that acts as an intermediary in the process of attracting investment, ‘expects to bring news in the coming weeks’.

Finally, the official note also says that Liga Forte Futebol ‘is discussing a balanced division format between the clubs invested resources that guarantees resources for Series A and B’.

The division of resources is the main obstacle between Forte Futebol and Lba group that has the support of other clubs in Brazil, so that there is a positive outcome for the creation of a single league in Brazilian football.

Forte Futebol consists of the following clubs: America-MG🇧🇷 Atlético-MG🇧🇷 Atlético-GO🇧🇷 Athletico-PR🇧🇷 Hawaii🇧🇷 brusque🇧🇷 Ceará🇧🇷 Chapecoense🇧🇷 Coritiba🇧🇷 CRB🇧🇷 Criciúma🇧🇷 CSA🇧🇷 cuiabá🇧🇷 Fluminense🇧🇷 Strength🇧🇷 Goias🇧🇷 International🇧🇷 Youth🇧🇷 London🇧🇷 Nautical🇧🇷 factory worker🇧🇷 Sampaio Correa🇧🇷 sport🇧🇷 tombense and new village🇧🇷

Libra is made up of: Botafogo🇧🇷 Corinthians🇧🇷 cruise🇧🇷 Flamengo🇧🇷 Guild🇧🇷 Guarani🇧🇷 Ituano🇧🇷 Mirasol🇧🇷 Novorizontino🇧🇷 palm trees🇧🇷 black Bridge🇧🇷 Red Bull Bragantino🇧🇷 saints🇧🇷 Sao Paulo🇧🇷 Basque and Victory🇧🇷

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