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London fans celebrated at Jardim Coliseu (north zone) and Parque Alvorada (west zone) during Brazil’s match against South Korea. The rout excited the fans who chose Rua Arcindo Sardo and Rua Deputado Fernando Ferrari as their base to watch the match. FOLHA’s report followed a period of time in each region of the city.

The four goals scored by Brazil in the first stage raised the fans who watched the game in bars close to the Café stadium. The last time Brazil scored four goals in the first half of a World Cup match was in 1954, against Mexico.

The two streets were filled with football enthusiasts presented by the Brazilian team, who also took the opportunity to follow the game enjoying a beer and snacks that were sold in establishments. One of the cheerleaders in the north zone was seamstress Gislene dos Reis Coimbra, 41, who worked until 3 pm and soon arrived at one of the trendiest bars in the area, the Caroli cafeteria. “I watched the first game here and I was lucky and now I’m here again. Hope it gets lucky again,” she declared.

The cafeteria’s owner, Carlos Roberto Caroli, has more than 50 tables in the place. “Today there must have been about 350 people around here. The flagship are the portions of fried tilapia. The public profile here is very familiar and many of them come with friends, no mess.”

While the report was interviewing driver Fernando Jorge, 39, Vinícius Jr scored his goal. “Don’t leave here. It’s giving luck”, declared the driver during the celebration.

The reporter crossed to the other side of the street, at the Nort Grill, in time to see the penalty kick, which Neymar Jr. calmly charged. Sérgio Paiva de Paula Neto was there, but he said that the goal was a sign that his bet on the pool would not be successful. “I bet on 3-0. I should have bet on more goals.”

After the third goal, the seller Rubens Aparecido Quaglia Filho, 27, got excited and nailed that Brazil will win the Cup this year. “It will be France and Brazil in the final and Brazil will win by 2 to 1 and avenge 98”, he bet.

Seller Roberto Recinella, 56, saw Brazil’s fourth goal and said it was great to see Brazil winning. “We can also do this beyond football and we have all the power to be the world’s number one in anything,” he declared.

The daughter of the owner of Brasa Beer, also on Rua Arcindo Sardo, Daniele Soares de Melo, 34, said that the establishment had waited four years for this moment. “We want to provide entertainment for customers and that is a reason for satisfaction”, she said.

On Rua Deputado Fernando Ferrari (Alvorada), cashier Jaqueline Bianca de Melo Voznei, 27, went to Bar Kato to watch the match and didn’t even care about the Korean goal. “At some point someone was going to do that, but we’re winning, so that’s fine.”

At the Nishikawa bar, businessman Sérgio Ká, 52, said the game was excellent. He was excited about the recovery of Neymar Jr. and said he was the man of the match. “I think Croatia will lose,” he predicted.

At the Praça bar, businessman Adilson César Bisoqui, 56, was an exception. “Really, I’m not even paying attention to the game, but as the country stops, we stop together.” He took his dog Lady, to accompany him to the bar table. “Today is a good day to meet friends and have a beer.”

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