Man survives after neck hit with 150-year-old trident

An Indian man had to undergo emergency surgery after he ended up with a 150-year-old pitchfork stuck in his neck during a fight on November 27. The operation was performed the next day at the NRS teaching hospital in the city of Calcutta, India.

According to the local news site India Today, Bhaskar Ram, 33, would have been involved in a fight motivated by personal issues. He is a resident of the city of Kalyani and had to travel 65 kilometers, with the object attached to his neck, to receive medical attention and undergo surgery.

Bhaskar’s relatives told Indian media that the trident had been preserved on a religious altar for several generations in the victim’s home. With about 30 centimeters, the object has been stored for at least a century and a half.

The patient told doctors that although he was injured, he was not experiencing any pain or discomfort. Bhaskar was operated on for about an hour and a half by a medical team formed to deal with the unusual case.

“In my 18 year career, I have never witnessed such a horrific incident. Surprisingly, when I examined the patient, I found that all body parameters were normal, with no pain and almost no bleeding from the impaled areas. He was even able to speak” Pranabashish Banerjee, a doctor and professor at the NRS, told the British tabloid Daily Mail.

After the procedure, the Indian was taken to a common bed in a stable state of health. According to the doctor, in operations like this, it is common for the patient to be taken to the ICU, but this was not necessary in this case.

The Indian newspaper The Times of India reported that police are now investigating how the accident occurred, as the victim and colleagues who took him to the hospital have not explained the circumstances in which the trident ended up in Bhaskar’s neck.

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