Margot Robbie Is Still Pushing For Harley & Poison Ivy DCU Romance

Margot Robbie is still pushing for a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy romance in the dc universe🇧🇷 Robbie first appeared as Harley Quinn in the 2016 film Suicide squad, with the positive response to his portrayal of the villain leading Robbie to get a film of his own in 2020 Birds of prey🇧🇷 The film took Robbie’s Quinn away from the darker damsel-in-distress tone she had assumed in Suicide squad, and turned her into a more fun, strong and independent character, as she usually appears in comics. Alongside Harley’s comedic counterpart is Poison Ivy, another villain from the bat Man universe, who eventually becomes Harley’s girlfriend in both the comics and the animated television series. Harley Quinn🇧🇷 To date, Poison Ivy has yet to be introduced into the DCU.

In an interview with comicbook.comRobbie says she is “been pushing” to a Harley and Ivy romance for years. This echoes sentiments Robbie has shared since 2018. Robbie also says that when she envisions her Harley alongside Ivy, she envisions Poison Ivy from the comics, rather than any particular actress. Read Robbie Full Comment Below:

“I’ve been pushing for this for years. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been pushing for this. I want too. Honestly, when I pictured it, I always pictured it as Poison Ivy in the comics. I really don’t really picture an actress doing that, but I agree, that would be so cool.”

Who Could Play Poison Ivy in the DCU

Poison Ivy Grabs a Woman by the Head from Batwoman

Robbie has not only been pushing for years to include Ivy in the DCU, but also Birds of prey director Cathy Yan. Like Robbie, Yan said that she “would certainly love to see the relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy“, and that she would love to include Ivy in future Birds of prey follow-up movies. Robbie has said in the past that he would love to explore Harley and Ivy’s relationship in any way, be it a close friendship or something more, but now she seems to be looking forward to a romance between the two.

While Poison Ivy has yet to make its way into the DCU and there aren’t any actresses lined up to play her, DC fans have been very vocal about their choices for the role. Top contenders include notable redheads like Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks and Karen Gillan, while other fans would like to see a different take on the character, with actresses like Jodie Comer, Ana de Armas and WandaVision alumnus Teyonah Parris being suggested. With Robbie, Yan, and DC fans all clamoring for Poison Ivy’s DCU debut, it’s entirely possible that the villain will make an appearance in future films, especially now that James Gunn is at the helm of the studio, having just given Harley a brief backstory. of love. inside The Suicide Squad🇧🇷

Where Robbie’s Harley will appear next in the DCU

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Margot Robbie

While Robbie isn’t confirmed to appear in any DCU movies as of yet, the 2021 film O Suicide squad left Harley’s future open. There was hope that Harley would have a falling out with Batgirl, but batgirlThe cancellation of has left fans wondering. Some are hoping for a Harley cameo in The Flash and Peacemaker season 2, due to its ties to the titular John Cena character, while others are looking forward to a Birds of prey sequel, or even a live-action Harley Quinn HBO Max series. While there is still a big question as to when Harley will make her return to the dc universeRobbie is still more eager than ever to play the Cupid of Crime, potentially alongside a future floral love interest.


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