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Margot Robbie, the DCU’s Harley Quinn, reacts to James Gunn’s new position as co-head of DC Studios, offering plenty of enthusiasm.

Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie reveals her thoughts on James Gunn leading the dc universe🇧🇷 In creating its DC Extended Universe, Warner Bros. made a number of controversial decisions. The franchise has gone through several creative overhauls over the years, with the most recent coming after the Warner Bros. Discovery. Fan-favorite filmmaker Gunn is now the co-head of the newly christened DC Studios alongside Peter Safran; both will oversee the rebranded DC Universe, ushering in a new era of connected storytelling in film and television.

The decision to have Gunn and Safran run DC has been met with raves from everyone, including Marvel’s Kevin Feige, but no one is happier than Robbie. In an interview with while promoting his upcoming film Babylonthe actress shares her reaction to Gunn, her The Suicide Squad director, taking over DC Studios. Read her full quote below:

I know it’s crazy, and Peter Safran, so he was also the producer on Suicide Squad, so I know them both really well and they’re a dynamic duo. I think that’s an achievement for DC.

Why James Gunn Has So Much Support at DC

James Gunn and the Introduction of the DCEU

Over the years, Gunn has built an impressive filmography filled with acclaimed projects. His Guardians of the Galaxy movies at Marvel Studios to The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker with DC, Gunn established himself as a passionate and creative filmmaker. His understanding of lesser-known comic book characters endeared him to fans and gave the studios some major wins. So it’s not surprising that his new position at DC Studios has been met with enthusiasm by audiences.

Gunn has gained a large following, in part due to his writing and directing skills, his unusual tastes, and his smart and witty personality. While The Suicide Squad failed to do well at the box office, in part due to COVID and HBO Max distribution plans, the film garnered enough attention for audiences to realize the potential DC could have if the franchise followed a looser, yet more refined formula and not a dark and gritty approach that Zack Snyder had created. Gunn suddenly became the face of how to make a wide and kinetic DC movie using a variety of strange and unique characters.

The fact that Robbie trusts Gunn and Safran to do justice to the dc universe It is a good sign. When Walter Hamada led the company, there was a lack of cohesion between the properties, as well as infighting among filmmakers and actors who were either mistreated or ignored. As a creative couple, Gunn and Safran have the potential to transform DC Studios and make it the successful movie studio it was meant to be, side by side with Marvel Studios.


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