Megan Fox’s fiancé shows a cut on his head and tells what happened

Machine Gun Kellyengaged to megan fox, showed his eyebrow all bloodied. This happened after a glass of champagne broke on her forehead last Tuesday night (28).

On his social networks, he said “good morning” and showed the injury in detail. “Ah, sh*t, this is disgusting,” he said, pulling out his hair, which is currently pink, to examine the injured area.

It is worth remembering that the injury happened after Machine Gun Kelly broke a glass of champagne on his own face, while he was in a restaurant in New York, in the United States. The rapper was at the venue to celebrate the sold-out show.

“I don’t mind. That’s how things happened”, he captioned the video in his stories to tell what had happened there.

According to some people who were at the scene, Machine Gun Kelly didn’t want to put stitches or bandage, using only towels to stop the bleeding.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly posing for a photo
Photo: Playback/Instagram @meganfox

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