Mercado Livre files lawsuit against Apple in Brazil and Mexico

The complaint by the company Mercado Livre accuses the technology giant of practices not accepted in the legislation. Understand the situation!

Mercado Livre files a lawsuit against Apple challenging the technology giant’s rules that impose restrictions on its app store.

The complaint was filed with regulatory bodies in Brazil, which is the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade), and in Mexico, the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) and the Federal Competition Commission (Cofece).

The lawsuit filed by Mercado Livre accuses Apple of irregular practices in relation to the rules that deal with the competition of companies in both countries.

Mercado Livre sues Apple in Brazil and Mexico

Last Monday (5), Mercado Livre filed lawsuits against Apple, opposing brand restrictions on its app store.

Faced with the situation, the company contests Apple’s rules that prevent applications from distributing digital goods and services from other companies, such as music, books, movies and games.

The sales platform highlights the anti-competitive effects of Apple’s attitude that end up limiting or even excluding competition for the US manufacturer. In a note, Mercado Livre claims that the brand “abuses its monopoly in the distribution of applications for iOS devices”.

In another excerpt, the Latin American company states that “Apple prevents Mercado Livre, or any other economic agent, from acting in the distribution of digital goods and services produced by third parties and competing with Apple, which offers this service”.

The company had previously been sued for similar reasons.

In the midst of the situation, Apple claims that its business model works in a way that offers greater security to its users. The tech giant’s way of operating has been the subject of lawsuits in the past.

Previously, the European Union accused Apple of restricting other companies from using technologies that offer mobile wallet solutions.

In the case involving Mercado Livre, the company claims to have contacted Apple in order to establish an agreement between the parties, before filing the lawsuit against the American company. However, the attempt was unsuccessful.

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