New Pix rules come into effect next month

The Central Bank of Brazil released a statement this Thursday (12/01), informing that some changes will be made to transactions via Pix technology. Understand more about Pix’s new rules.

The Central Bank decided to withdraw the mandatory deadline for each transaction and the option to change the night time. Instead, they opted to leave only the limit by time of day.

understand the pix

In summary, Pix is ​​an electronic means of instant payment and bank transfer created by the technical team of the Central Bank of Brazil. Banking transactions can be done from checking account, savings account or payment anytime from your cell phone.

Pix’s new rules

New rules establish that financial institutions no longer have a duty to set a limit on the amount of money each transaction can contain. For example, a person who wants to spend $3,000 a day can use all of that in a single transaction.

Another big change revolves around how financial institutions handle overnight shipments, not being required to offer customization at different times.

Pix Loot and Pix change: better understand the changes

News about the new Pix rules also concern the Pix Loot and Pix Swap modalities.

During the day, it is limited to R$3,000, against R$500 previously; During the night, it ranges from R$100 to R$1,000.

The BC also determined that financial institutions can already set limits for legal entities. Furthermore, the definition of transaction limits for purchases made with Pix will be the same as TED and will no longer be analogous to debit cards.

When will the new Pix rules take effect?

The BC statement states that the new rules come into effect in January 2, 2023🇧🇷

Given all of the above, the future of Pix payment options looks interesting thanks to recent rule changes. Once applied, it will lead to numerous options for carrying out transactions that make Pix’s payment feature more dynamic, secure and flexible.

Just to illustrate, the president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, believes that Pix’s potential has not yet been realized. In addition, he sees a number of opportunities for improvement with the existing system. In particular, he believes the Pix can get even better with each new change.

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