Pelé contracted Covid-19 before being hospitalized for lung infection, say daughters

Pelé, the King of Football, 82 years old, caught Covid-19 weeks before being admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo, for the treatment of a respiratory infection, as his daughters said in an interview with TV Globo this Sunday. At the unit since last Tuesday, Kely and Flávia Arantes do Nascimento said that the Brazilian idol is being treated for colon cancer — which he discovered in September 2021 and that, at the beginning of the year, metastases were diagnosed in the intestine, in the lung and liver — “doing really well”.

“He’s not in the ICU, he’s in a regular room. He’s not at risk, he’s undergoing treatment — Flávia Arantes do Nascimento told “Fantástico” and took the opportunity to update on the stage of his father’s cancer: — I don’t like people saying that the cancer treatment didn’t work. Of course it did, it’s giving. As long as he’s here and he’s breathing, he’s doing super well. It’s just that, from time to time, they (doctors) adjust the medication to see the best.

Kely Arantes do Nascimento said that her father had Covid-19 in November and that he is not dying:

“About three weeks ago he had Covid. He is vaccinated, with all vaccines, but because of the cancer medicine, the chemotherapy that he is fragile, he got a lung infection – he said. — He’s sick, he’s old, but at the moment he’s there because of a lung infection and when he’s better he’ll go home. He’s not saying goodbye in the hospital right now.

In the statement to the news, Flávia, sister Kelly and son Arthur, grandson of the King, said that they read many messages on social networks that wish condolences to the family, which is uncomfortable.

— I can’t take it anymore — Kely vented, which was complemented by her nephew: — As I move a lot on the social network, I’m seeing a lot of people saying “rest in peace” and I feel like commenting “that’s not it, guys”. Of course, this will happen one day, but it’s not today – said Arthur Arantes do Nascimento.

The last medical bulletin, from last Saturday, says the following:

“Edson Arantes do Nascimento was admitted to Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein last Tuesday (29) for a reassessment of chemotherapy therapy for the colon tumor, identified in September 2021. He is still undergoing treatment and his health status remains stable. He has also had a good response to care for the respiratory infection, showing no worsening in the condition in the last 24 hours”.

According to the medical team and family members, he was hospitalized for a reassessment of the chemotherapy treatment. But the hospital does not confirm whether Pele is undergoing chemotherapy or not.

Both the King of football and his family have used social media to reassure fans about his health.

“Friends, I’m at the hospital doing my monthly visit. It’s always good to receive positive messages like this,” Pelé wrote on Instagram. He also took the opportunity to thank Qatar for the tribute, when his image was projected on one of the buildings in the city of Doha, with the message: “Improvements”.

This Sunday, Santos fans held a vigil in front of the Albert Einstein hospital. In addition to lighting candles, they took flags with the idol’s face, as well as caps, shirts and other accessories.

Young fans from Santos hold a vigil for Pelé at the door of the Albert Einstein hospital, in São Paulo, this Sunday, the 4th Photo: Felipe Iruatã/Zimel Press/Agência O Globo

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