Pelé remembers the 1958 World Cup and sends a message to the national team

Pelé is hospitalized at the Hospital Sírio Libanês in São Paulo, but he showed that he has an eye on everything that happens in Qatar. This Friday (12/5), hours before the Brazilian national team takes the field against South Korea, in a game that is worth a place in the round of 16 of the World Cup, the King of Football recalled his first title in the competition , in 1958, and sent a message to the Amarelinha players.

“In 1958, in Sweden, I was walking through the streets thinking about fulfilling the promise I made to my father. I know that many of the national team made similar promises and are also looking for their first World Cup”, wrote Pelé, in an image in which he appears next to his father.

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Afterwards, the King sent a message to the players who are going in search of the sixth in Qatar and confirmed that he will follow the match. “I want to inspire you, my friends. I’ll watch the game from here at the hospital and I’ll be rooting for each one of you. We are on this journey together. Good luck to our Brazil ”, he concluded.

Pele’s recovery

The former athlete’s two daughters, Flavia Arantes and Kelly Nascimento, and grandson Arthur clarified in an interview with Fantástico, this Sunday (4/12), that this is not a time for goodbyes. “He is not in the ICU. He’s in a normal room, so he’s not at risk. He is undergoing treatment”, clarified Flávia.

“He’s sick, he’s old, but at the moment he’s there because of a lung infection, and when he gets better, he’ll go home again. He’s not saying goodbye in the hospital right now.”

His grandson, Arthur, commented on the repercussions on the internet. “As I use social networks a lot, I see a lot of people saying: ‘Rest in peace’, and I feel like commenting: ‘No, that’s not it, people’. Of course, one day it will happen, but not today.”

“About three weeks ago, he got Covid. He is vaccinated with all the vaccines, but because of the medicine, the chemotherapy, the cancer, he is fragile, he got a lung infection. And that’s why he went to the hospital “, explained the star’s other daughter, Kelly Nascimento.

In the last medical bulletin, released on Saturday (3/12), the hospital reported that Pelé’s health status remains stable and that the response to the infection has been good. There is no release date yet.

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