Pix: What changes with the new rules that come into force in 2023?

Last Thursday (1), the Central Bank announced an update to the Pix usage rules that will come into effect from 2023. The purpose of the changes is to ensure more security and flexibility in using the tool, improving the user experience. .

The novelty was published on the same day that BC announced that the instant payment system broke yet another record, with 99.4 million transactions up to date. The milestone occurred on the day of payment of the first installment of the 13th salary. Check out the new Pix usage rules below;

What changes on Pix in 2023?

Pix Limits

The Central Bank eliminated the value limit per transaction, maintaining only the limit per time — that is, if the limit for the daytime period is BRL 3,000, the user can make a transfer in the total amount of the limit, as long as he respects the shift. The new rules also remove transaction limits for end users that are companies, leaving the definition of values ​​to the banks.

The rules for changing limits remain the same: if the customer wants to request a reduction in the limit, the bank must do so immediately. However, if the request is to increase the limit, banks have between 24h and 48h to approve the decision.

Pix Withdrawal and Exchange

The monetary authority also increased the limits for cash withdrawals and exchanges through the Pix system, to R$ 3,000 during the day and R$ 1,000 at night, while the current amount allowed is R$ 500 during the day and R$ 100 in the nocturnal.

“This measure aims to adapt the limits usually available at ATMs for traditional withdrawals. Thus, with Pix Saque, users will have access to the service with conditions similar to those of the traditional withdrawal”, justified the BC.

night time

Regarding the night shift, it was decided that it is optional for banks to offer or not to customize the night shift for customers who request a lower limit for their transactions. The set time is from 20:00 to 06:00, but financial institutions will be able to offer customers the option from 22:00 to 06:00.

Why did the changes happen?

As explained by the Central Bank, the rules were changed to facilitate the receipt of funds by bank correspondents, as already happens in lottery shops, and to enable the payment of salaries, retirements and pensions by the National Treasury through the instant transaction system.

When do the new Pix rules come into effect?

The new established rules will come into effect from January 2, 2023 — with the exception of adjustments made in managing limits for customers through digital channels, which will be valid from July 3.

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