‘Rei do Fígado’ earned BRL 525 million annually with fake ‘caveman’ diet

The farce collapsed. Brian Johnson, who called himself King Liver (king of the liver), convinced fans that her appearance was down to her diet regimen alone. extreme raw meat diet and exercise🇧🇷 Last week it was revealed that the American actually spent the equivalent of BRL 57 thousand per month with anabolic steroids to maintain the “ripped” physique.

Around this lie, the Liver Kingdom set up a business empirewhich earned approx. BRL 525 million per yeartold a report by the “Sun”.

Liver King first gained fame with his videos on social media showing his “insane diet”, consuming raw beef liver, testicles and marrow every day, plus protein shakes and eggs🇧🇷 He claimed to have been doing this for over 20 years.

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Johnson has amassed an army of followers, eager for tips on his supposed lifestyle and the products he has begun to launch.

The Liver King has opened three different businesses capitalizing on his lifestyle and his “diet”, which the influencer said reproduced the way the “Caveman” fed.

‘King of the Liver’ eats raw testicle Photo: Playback/Instagram

'King of the Liver' only eats raw meat, using every part of the slaughtered animals
‘King of the Liver’ only eats raw meat, using all the parts of slaughtered animals Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

His company Heart & Soil Supplements sells dried animal organ supplements that claim to be the “most nutrient-rich supplements on the planet”🇧🇷

Ancestral Supplements also sells nutritional supplements, which it says are “the best and richest in nutrients on the planet in a simple and consumable way”🇧🇷

Fittest Protein Shakes sell powdered workout supplements designed to “build muscle mass” and create a “unstoppable momentum”🇧🇷

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A good part of the videos produced by the King of the Liver about such an ancestral “diet” were made in the kitchen of his mansion in Texas (USA), where he cut animal organs and supposedly served them raw.

Before he began to sell himself as a “caveman”, Johnson and his wife had, together, a annual income of BRL 900 thousand🇧🇷 In a few years, they reached an incredible R$525 million per year.

Johnson recently apologized for “misleading” fans in a video posted on YouTube.

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