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Doha, Qatar

Richarlison shivered.

The images ran through the press vehicles here in Qatar.

That’s when he met Ronaldo Fenômeno after the match against Korea.

The former best in the world and owner of Cruzeiro and Valladolid owns a digital TV channel, which bears the simple name of Ronaldo TV.

And he bought the right to broadcast the World Cup.

Thanks to this, your TV can also interview players after matches.

Today he decided to do the interviews.

And surprised Richarlison.

Ronaldo is the idol of the national team’s top scorer.

“I get emotional, because he’s my idol, just like Neymar. Inspiration from a child. You’ve already seen a lot of pictures of me from [cabelo] Smudge, imitating you. You being here is a joy for the whole group, and whether or not it’s contagious on the field to see you, Cafu, Kaká, Roberto Carlos. It encourages us a lot,” said Richarlison, visibly moved.

Ronaldo returned the compliments.

And charged him.

“What I did for you, now it’s your turn. You who inspire millions of Brazilians with your art, with your goals, your joy in playing. You are a source of pride for us. I want to wish you the best of luck.”

Richarlison promised, if Brazil is champion, he will cut Cascão’s hair, in homage to Ronaldo.

On the other hand, the conversation ended predictably.

With Ronaldo having to show his clumsiness and adhering to the ‘Dance of the Pigeon’.

The former striker, in addition to his TV, is FIFA’s guest of honor to watch the World Cup. He always appears on the screens where Brazil plays.

Alongside Cafu, Roberto Carlos and Rivaldo.

All it takes is for the quartet to appear and the crowd goes into ecstasy…

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