Robert Pattinson and Suki cause buzz on the red carpet

Robert Pattinson and suki waterhouse They’ve been dating since 2018, but hadn’t yet made their debut as a couple on the red carpet. And that’s exactly what happened over the weekend, when the 36-year-old actor and the 30-year-old model arrived together on the red carpet of the “Dior Fall 2023” men’s show in Cairo, Egypt.

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The couple has always kept their relationship private, but for the first time they attended an event together and weren’t bothered by the cameras.

The two sat arm in arm inside the event, while she rested her head on the actor’s shoulder.

Together for four years, the couple remains tight-lipped about their relationship, not giving the media space to ask questions about their intimate surroundings.


Robert Pattinson is talking about marriage to girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. According to the program E!News, the couple is determined to take the next important step in their relationship. Although they are in no rush to get married, a source commented that the actors live together and Rob is going to propose:

“If you haven’t already done so”, justifies the informant.

“Rob and Suki have definitely discussed their marriage, but they’re in no rush. Suki is not pushing and both are committed to each other,” says the source.

“They are a good couple. They’ve spent time together in the UK over the past year and their relationship is stronger than ever.”

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According to the television show, it will come as no surprise if they announce their engagement soon:
“They like to be low-key together and have similar interests. They are inseparable and they are in love,” she added.

In an interview earlier this year, Rob gave a rare glimpse into his life with Suki, recounting how a chair repairman once came to their home, and while he was arranging the furniture, he chatted with the actress about how much of a fan of DC Comics she is. he was.

“And I’m sitting looking away, and my girlfriend is continuing the conversation with him,” Robert told GQ magazine. He then said with a laugh: “And I’m looking at her like, ‘Shut up!’ ‘Why are you doing this to me?’ She was so much fun. Just talking to an obsessive fan.”, she joked.


He then mentioned Suki once more in the interview: “I was talking to my girlfriend last night and she was like, ‘You know, people really don’t like zoos…'” the actor recounted of her reaction when he said I wanted to visit one. “I was thinking of a metaphorical thing. But then I was thinking this is very wrong, a sad bear going around in circles.”, he lamented.

Robert Pattinson biting his lips
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Robert Pattinson was elected the most beautiful man in the world, after scientific research, which compared the actor’s characteristics with the standards of Greek men.

The actor was at the top of the podium among the others evaluated with regard to beauty. The Doctor. Julian De Silva, plastic surgeon and director of the Center for Plastic Surgery and Advanced Aesthetics in London, UK, did a mapping comparing the actor’s beauty and concluded that the star of “Twilight” and “Batman” had the combination of 92, 15% with the standard defined by the Greeks, with eyes, nose and chin defined as the actor’s best features.

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In second place is Henry Cavill, from “Superman”, with 91.64% of beauty according to the survey.

Henry Cavill in black and white portrait
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The actor was compared to other Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt, Henry Cavil and George Clooney

The list still has Bradley Cooper (91.08%) and Brad Pitt (90.51%). Check out who are the 10 handsome men elected by science:

Robert Pattinson (92.15%)
Henry Cavill (91.64%)
Bradley Cooper (91.08%)
Brad Pitt (90.51%)
George Clooney (89.91%)
Hugh Jackman (89.64%)
David Beckham (88.96%)
Idris Elba (88.01%)
Kanye West (87.94%)
Ryan Gosling (87.48%)

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