Secretary of Camaquã publishes warning “new” Pix coup circulating on social networks

The special secretary for Women, Work and Social Development (SEMTDS) of Camaquã, Diego Garcia, used his personal Facebook account to alertra community about an attempted Pix coup circulating on social media.

According to the manager, a man claiming to be a resident of the Viégas neighborhood asks for financial help for his family in a Publication in the Facebook group. In the report, the alleged Camaquense citizen says he is unemployed and taking care of his wife, who would be admitted to the hospital a few days ago to give birth. In addition, the couple would have another child aged two years and five months. The child would be under the care of the maternal grandmother, but in a vulnerable situation due to lack of food and diapers. The text is accompanied by photos of the couple and the hospitalized woman.

At the end of Publication, the man leaves the Pix key with his wife’s CPF for the population to contribute any amount of money. According to Garcia, the report is false and would have already been shared on several pages in other states with different addresses. The secretary asks the community to stay alert and, in case of doubt, contact him or the Special Secretariat for Women, Labor and Social Development (SEMTDS) for investigation.

“Once again I come ALERT don’t PIX another SCAM discovered those same ones who were on Facebook and put an address in Viégas neighborhood is Fake News is Coup When in doubt, tag me and I’ll investigate our Special Secretariat for Women of Labor and Social Development through from Cras Getúlio Vargas Cras Cônego Walter and Cras Bomsucesso have a social worker who can go to the house and really prove the veracity of the facts 99% of the appealing cases and that ask for Pix is ​​a scam be wary, these scammers use sad, moving images to attract victims thus publishing on facebriks in many municipalities throughout Brazil, and this type of scam happens every day, only hands hurt when you really know the person’s situation, when in doubt, go to the CRAS closest to you and get informed”wrote the manager.

Another publication made by Garcia alert for a woman who would be unemployed and asks for help because she does not have food at home for her and her children. In the appeal, the internet user shares a photo of a child, who supposedly would be her daughter, in front of an open fridge with just a pot of butter inside.

in contact with Civil policeBlog do Juares (BJ News) found that no police report regarding the case has been registered at the Police Station of Pronto Assistência (DPPA) so far.

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