Sharon Stone Says Fighting AIDS Destroyed Her Career

Sharon Stone, 64, confessed that her fight against AIDS in an institution cost her her career. The actress and model said that she stayed for eight years without getting roles to act in any production.

Known for her activism in the fight against AIDS, Sharon told about the impact after replacing her late friend, actress Elizabeth Taylor, as honorary president of amfAr (Aids Research Foundation). In a press conference at the Red Sea Film Festival, in Saudi Arabia, released by the website AceShowBiz, the artist said she was approached by AmfAR executives in 1995.

“I had to fill a very big place like Elizabeth Taylor. Did I have a lot of responsibilities as a replacement at AmfAR? When they approached me, I thought, ‘Am I up to replacing Elizabeth?'” he wondered.

In the interview, she recalled her conversation about the possibility of taking over at the foundation with then-businesswoman Cindy Berger: “She told me, ‘If you do this, it will destroy your career'”.

The actress then vented about the period in which she took over the foundation and how it was taboo to talk about the disease. “You have to remember that at that time, in the mid-1990s, you couldn’t talk about AIDS. So I told her, I know, you’re going to kill me, but I’m going to do it,” he said.

As president at the foundation, a position he held for three years, Sharon said he faced a lot of “hatred” for activism in favor of research in the fight against AIDS / HIV. She confessed that her career was destroyed and even received death threats for her work.

“I had no idea of ​​the resistance, cruelty, hatred and oppression we would face… It went on like this for 25 years, until we had AIDS drugs being advertised on TV like we have soda ads. It destroyed my career. I didn’t work for eight years. I was told that if I said ‘condom’ again any funding would be removed. I was threatened several times, my life was threatened and I decided I had to continue anyway”, she confessed.

However, the actress, with more than 60 films and an Oscar, for the film “Casino” (1995), does not regret it and pointed out that AIDS cost the lives of 40 million people before antiretrovirals were introduced.

“Now 37 million people are living with HIV in a healthy way”, said the actress, while wiping away her tears.

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