Shein’s R$750 gift card for Christmas: is it real or a scam?

Messages with an alleged purchase voucher of BRL 750 from Shein have been circulating in WhatsApp messages recently.

With the arrival of the end of the year, promotions and campaigns begin to appear for the purchase of gifts for Christmas. In recent days, a message with an alleged Shein shopping voucher has been circulating on WhatsApp among users. Through a link, people get the gift.

However, once again, this is nothing more than a coup action to make new victims.

Shein voucher

According to the content of the messages sent, the purchase voucher is worth BRL 750 to be used on the Shein website, a Chinese store that has been on the rise in recent months.

With the text, a link is attached that the user must click and follow the requested steps. In the end, it is recommended to share the information with others.

All this, of course, is false🇧🇷 This is yet another scam using links to collect data and personal information. Shein does not currently have any such campaigns. All possible discounts are informed through the store’s platform.

WhatsApp Scams

Message scams via WhatsApp are increasingly common precisely because of the ease and speed with which information is shared between contacts.

The use of links is a method widely used by scammers to gain access to information from those who believe in the alleged promotion or campaign.

By following the steps and providing the requested information, none of the promised happens. But scammers get access to data present on the cell phone or computer that accessed the link.

To avoid this type of situation, be wary of all links sent through the messenger. When you come across a campaign for a certain brand, look for information on the company’s official channels and confirm the action.

Finally, when realizing that this is a scam action, notify the contacts who forwarded the message.

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