Tarcísio backs down and says he will keep cameras in the PM’s uniforms

Sao Paulo – After criticizing the cameras installed in the uniforms of the military police during the election campaign, the governor-elect of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), withdrew in his speech and said this Monday (5/12) that he will “ maintain” the program implemented by the Military Police in the PSDB government.

“The camera issue, I was more critical in the campaign, now let’s hold on. Let’s keep. Let’s see the result and what adjustments we can make”, said Tarcísio, in the same interview given to CNN in which he said that he was “never” a “root Bolsonarista”.

The installation of cameras on uniforms is pointed out as the main reason for the reduction of up to 80% in police lethality rates, cases in which suspects are killed by PMs in alleged confrontations. A study released by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) estimates that the measure prevented 104 deaths in the period of one year, between July 2021 and 2022, comparing occurrences in regions where police officers used the camera with where they did not.

promised to take

During the election campaign, Tarcísio promised more than once that he would remove the equipment from the PMs’ uniforms, an action demanded by Bolsonarists. In October, in an interview with Jovem Pan, the then-candidate stated that “for sure” he would determine the removal of the cameras. “What does the camera represent? It is a situation that puts the police at a disadvantage in relation to the bandits”, he declared at the time.

Weeks later, still during the campaign, Tarcísio attempted a retreat, saying that he would listen to specialists before making a decision. “The camera inhibits the police, it has hindered productivity. But this is a perception. We are going to call the security forces, evaluate from a technical point of view the effectiveness or not and the improvement of the public policy”, he said during a press conference, during the second round of the election.

Secretary against the cameras

Chosen as the future secretary of Public Security, federal deputy Guilherme Derrite (PL-SP), who is a former PM officer, has also criticized the police monitoring program. He has already advocated that battalions such as Rondas Ostensivas Tobias de Aguiar (Rota), to which he once belonged, stop using the equipment.

In an interview with CNN this Monday, Tarcísio came out in defense of the future secretary, whose nomination received criticism from some sectors of society involved in Public Security.

“I think you have to give Derrite a vote of confidence to do a good job. A politician is one thing, a secretary of state is another. I will demand professionalism, result, work. I want the population to feel safer,” Tarcísio told CNN.

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