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A stunning new piece of fan art from Matt Reeves’ The Batman 2 imagines Gotham City suffering from the combined effects of fire and ice.

A creepy piece of The Batman 2 Fan art imagines Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader watching over Gotham City, which is shrouded in fire and ice. Released earlier this year, Matt Reeves’ take on the iconic DC hero was met with acclaim from audiences and critics alike, with the writer and director presenting a more gothic, noir version of the character and his city. The Batman it sees Pattinson’s hero trying to stop the Riddler (Paul Dano) from carrying out a sinister plot while also dealing with the elusive Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz). The film was a commercial success and it has been confirmed that Reeves and Pattinson will return for a sequel.

While the details of the story for The Batman 2 remain unknown, new fan art from artist Jaxson Derr on Instagram imagines what might be next for Pattinson’s hero in the sequel. The artwork depicts the Caped Crusader looking out over Gotham City in the dead of winter, as flames surround the hero and a large castle-like structure in the background, with a mysterious villain apparently responsible. Check out Derr’s stunning fan art below:

How Batman’s Ending Might Set Up Batman 2

Robert Pattinson covered in mud in The Batman.

Although The Batman it ends with the Riddler of Damage firmly behind bars, part of the villain’s plan succeeds, and Gotham City is flooded after the city wall is bombed. It’s unclear how long after the first film Reeves’ sequel will take place, but the arrival of winter and the freezing of a flooded Gotham could be an interesting scenario. This would essentially leave Gotham in The Batman 2 in a state of emergency, allowing for new criminal elements, potentially including enemy icons, Mr. Freeze, to seize power over the city.

When it comes to villains, The Batman it certainly suggests that a significant character from the comics could be playing a prominent role in the sequel. Though he was only briefly featured in the film’s theatrical cut, Barry Keoghan’s Joker is seen in more detail in a deleted scene shared after release, potentially hinting at a bigger role to come. Both the theatrical cut and the deleted scene feature Keoghan’s character firmly behind bars in Arkham, meaning he would have to escape if Joker is Batman 2central villain. It’s also possible, of course, that the sequel will introduce an entirely new villain like the Court of Owls, Hush, Poison Ivy or Scarecrow for Pattinson’s character to face.

Many questions remain about how Reeves will proceed. The Batman and further flesh out his unique vision for Gotham, but the first film’s ending certainly sets up some interesting events to come. One of the sequel’s biggest questions is who the Caped Crusader’s central villain will be, and it’s possible the sequel will feature multiple villains instead of just one. While the last piece of The Batman 2 fan art may not at all represent what fans will get in the long-awaited sequel, it makes a strong case that the film should be set in the dead of winter.

Source: Jaxson Derr

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