The best Taylor Swift songs for ex-boyfriends [LISTA]

For singles on Valentine’s Day, remember some of Taylor Swift’s hits about past relationships

Taylor Swift is one of the greatest pop songwriters of recent years, owner of passionate lyrics about love, but also unforgettable hits about breakups. After all, turning life stories into music is up to her, and the singer makes a point of saying that she doesn’t care about comments about who she dedicates her songs to.

With 11 discs – two of which are re-recordings – Swift collects Grammys and also a long list of ex-boyfriends, as she says in “Blank Space.” In the spotlight since adolescence, it was difficult to escape the paparazzi and fans – who created different theories about their compositions.

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Thinking about it, the Rolling Stone Brazil selected some of the best songs from Swift about ex-boyfriends for those who are single in this Valentine’s Daytrying to get over someone or just curious to know the stories behind the recordings.

“Better Than Revenge” – Joe Jonas

“Better Than Revenge” it even became a joke fandom in Swift, who jokes that they leave feminism aside to listen to the track Speak Now(2010). written for Joe Jonas, the song talks about a girl who “stole” another’s boyfriend by pretending to be someone innocent and nice. Theories say that the lyrics speak of Camilla Bellegirl Jonas met while dating Swift and with whom he left shortly after ending the relationship with the singer.

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“Mine” – Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith and Swift never assumed a relationship, despite being seen together and receiving several questions in interviews about their relationship. In one of them, the singer revealed that the inspiration for “Mine” it was the feeling of imagining an entire relationship after a suitor put his arms around it – and the story was soon associated with Monteith.

“Dear John” – John Mayer

O “John” in the title it delivers for whom the composition was. written for John Mayerthe track did not please the musician, who revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone USAwho felt “humiliated” by the lyrics. “It made me feel awful,” he said.

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“Back To December” – Taylor Lautner

Unlike most breakup tracks Swift, this shows another point of view of the history of the relationship, since this time it was clear that it was the singer who ended it all. “Back To December” is an apology to Taylor Lautnerwho associated with Swift after meeting her on the set of Love Comes and Goes (2010).

“All Too Well” – Jake Gyllenhaal

One of the most controversial songs on Red (2012), “All Too Well” won an extended version, with the right to a short film starring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink which, according to theories, tells the story of the relationship between Swift with Jake Gyllenhaalwho was older than the singer at the time they dated.

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“Style” – Harry Styles

Like this “Dear John,” “Style” it also indicates to whom it was dedicated in the title. After Gyllenhaal🇧🇷 Swift dated Harry Styles, to this day a relationship much commented on by the media. Despite its short duration, the formerOne Direction “won” more than one song by the singer.

“I Did Something Bad” – Calvin Harris

Another controversial relationship Swift went with the musician Calvin Harristo whom theories point out that she dedicated the track “I Did Something Bad,” from the disc Reputation (2017). “I did something wrong, so why does it feel so good?,” she sings.

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“Getaway Car” – Tom Hiddleston

Like this “Back To December,” “Getaway Car” can also be seen as an apology, this time for the actor Tom Hiddlestonwith whom she became involved after Harris. “Should have known I would be the first to go,” says Swift in the lyrics where he narrates a car escape.

Bonus for Lovers: “Lover” – Joe Alwyn

Not only of amorous disappointments lives Swift, after all, now she finally found the real one “Love Story” about which he always sang. Currently, the singer is in a relationship of years with the actor. Joe Alwynwho seems to be the inspiration for the romantic tracks of lover (2019).

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