The Brazilian who will run Slack. (PS: she is “amazing”)

NEW YORK — Slack, the corporate internal communication tool acquired by Salesforce, announced that the São Paulo-based Lidiane Souza Jones will be the new CEO of the company, replacing the founder, Stewart Butterfield.

Graduated in computer science from the University of Michigan, Lidiane lives in Boston, is married and the mother of two children, and specialized in the area of product management🇧🇷 Before that, he worked for more than 12 years at Microsoft and four at Sonos.

Brazilian SlackThe Brazilian from the East Zone of São Paulo joined Salesforce in 2019, and today holds the position of vice president and general manager in the area of cloud🇧🇷 She will assume her new position in early January.

For just over a year, Lidiane has been on the board of Compass Working Capital, an organization in Boston that provides financial assistance and training to low-income families, a reality with which she identifies.

In an interview with the Compass website, she says that her mother was a fundamental part of her education. “Many of the stories of the families assisted by the organization remind me of my mother’s. She helped me through a lot of obstacles and worked really hard to give me a good education,” she said.

“Having been very poor, I know that no one who finds themselves in this situation wants others to feel sorry for them, or to see them as less capable. I want my children to have empathy and understand that many people live in this reality. And that even working hard, it is very difficult to get out of this situation.”

Slack, which has more than 130,000 global enterprise customers, was purchased by Salesforce in July 2021 for nearly $28 billion, in the largest transaction ever made in the software industry.

The company was founded in 2009 by Butterfield, who years earlier also created the photo-sharing site Flickr, now part of Yahoo.

Butterfield’s departure comes after three other executives left Salesforce, including CEO Bret Taylor, who stepped down a week ago.

In a note to employees, Butterfield announced: “Slack will have a new CEO: Lidiane Jones. This is good: Lidiane is amazing.”

“You will love her. She is pragmatic and practical, insightful, passionate, creative, kind and curious. She is precisely in that little heart shaped diamond in the Venn diagram of four circles: Smart, Humble, Hardworking and Collaborative. Prior to Salesforce, she spent four years leading products at Sonos, where she fell in love with Slack. She has a deep respect for our approach to the product, our customer obsession and our unique culture. She is one of us.”

On LinkedIn, Lidiane thanked the founder for his trust, underlining that Slack would not exist without him. “He built an incredible company that redefined modern collaboration with a team built on humility and innovation.”

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